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from typing import Optional

from import (VectorSourceConfig)
from import (LabelSourceConfig,
from rastervision.pipeline.config import (ConfigError, register_config, Field,
                                          validator, root_validator)
from import (
    ClassInferenceTransformerConfig, BufferTransformerConfig)

def cc_label_source_config_upgrader(cfg_dict: dict, version: int) -> dict:
    if version == 4:
        # made non-optional in version 5
        cfg_dict['ioa_thresh'] = cfg_dict.get('ioa_thresh', 0.5)
    return cfg_dict

[docs]@register_config( 'chip_classification_label_source', upgrader=cc_label_source_config_upgrader) class ChipClassificationLabelSourceConfig(LabelSourceConfig): """Configure a :class:`.ChipClassificationLabelSource`. This can be provided explicitly as a grid of cells, or a grid of cells can be inferred from arbitrary polygons. """ vector_source: Optional[VectorSourceConfig] = None ioa_thresh: float = Field( 0.5, description= ('Minimum IOA of a polygon and cell for that polygon to be a candidate for ' 'setting the class_id.')) use_intersection_over_cell: bool = Field( False, description= ('If True, then use the area of the cell as the denominator in the IOA. ' 'Otherwise, use the area of the polygon.')) pick_min_class_id: bool = Field( False, description= ('If True, the class_id for a cell is the minimum class_id of the boxes in that ' 'cell. Otherwise, pick the class_id of the box covering the greatest area.' )) background_class_id: Optional[int] = Field( None, description= ('If not None, class_id to use as the background class; ie. the one that is used ' 'when a window contains no boxes. Cannot be None if infer_cells=True.' )) infer_cells: bool = Field( False, description='If True, infers a grid of cells based on the cell_sz.') cell_sz: Optional[int] = Field( None, description= ('Size of a cell to use in pixels. If None, and this Config is part ' 'of an RVPipeline, this field will be set from RVPipeline.train_chip_sz.' )) lazy: bool = Field( False, description='If True, labels will not be populated automatically ' 'during initialization of the label source.')
[docs] @validator('vector_source') def ensure_required_transformers( cls, v: VectorSourceConfig) -> VectorSourceConfig: """Add class-inference and buffer transformers if absent.""" tfs = v.transformers # add class inference transformer has_inf_tf = any( isinstance(tf, ClassInferenceTransformerConfig) for tf in tfs) if not has_inf_tf: tfs += [ClassInferenceTransformerConfig(default_class_id=None)] # add buffer transformers has_buf_tf = any(isinstance(tf, BufferTransformerConfig) for tf in tfs) if not has_buf_tf: tfs += [ BufferTransformerConfig(geom_type='Point', default_buf=1), BufferTransformerConfig(geom_type='LineString', default_buf=1) ] return v
[docs] @root_validator(skip_on_failure=True) def ensure_bg_class_id_if_inferring(cls, values: dict) -> dict: infer_cells = values.get('infer_cells') has_bg_class_id = values.get('background_class_id') is not None if infer_cells and not has_bg_class_id: raise ConfigError( 'background_class_id is required if infer_cells=True.') return values
[docs] def build(self, class_config, crs_transformer, extent=None, tmp_dir=None): if self.vector_source is None: raise ValueError('Cannot build with a None vector_source.') if self.infer_cells and self.cell_sz is None and not self.lazy: raise ValueError('Cannot build with infer_cells=True, ' 'cell_sz=None and lazy=True.') vector_source =, crs_transformer) return ChipClassificationLabelSource( self, vector_source, extent=extent, lazy=self.lazy)
[docs] def update(self, pipeline=None, scene=None): super().update(pipeline, scene) if self.cell_sz is None and pipeline is not None: self.cell_sz = pipeline.train_chip_sz if self.vector_source is not None: self.vector_source.update(pipeline, scene)