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from typing import Any
from abc import ABC, abstractmethod, abstractproperty

from import Box

[docs]class LabelSource(ABC): """An interface for storage of labels for a scene. An LabelSource is a read source of labels for a scene that could be backed by a file, a database, an API, etc. The difference between LabelSources and Labels can be understood by analogy to the difference between a database and result sets queried from a database. """
[docs] @abstractmethod def get_labels(self, window=None): """Return labels overlapping with window. Args: window: Box Returns: Labels overlapping with window. If window is None, returns all labels. """ pass
@abstractproperty def extent(self) -> Box: pass def __getitem__(self, key: Any) -> Any: if isinstance(key, Box): raise NotImplementedError() elif isinstance(key, slice): key = [key] elif isinstance(key, tuple): pass else: raise TypeError('Unsupported key type.') slices = list(key) assert 1 <= len(slices) <= 2 assert all(s is not None for s in slices) assert isinstance(slices[0], slice) if len(slices) == 1: h, = slices w = slice(None, None) else: assert isinstance(slices[1], slice) h, w = slices if any(x is not None and x < 0 for x in [h.start, h.stop, w.start, w.stop]): raise NotImplementedError() ymin, xmin, ymax, xmax = self.extent _ymin = 0 if h.start is None else h.start _xmin = 0 if w.start is None else w.start _ymax = ymax if h.stop is None else h.stop _xmax = xmax if w.stop is None else w.stop window = Box(_ymin, _xmin, _ymax, _xmax) return self[window]