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from pydantic import conint, conlist

from rastervision.pipeline.config import (Field, register_config, validator)
from import (RasterSourceConfig,

def multi_rs_config_upgrader(cfg_dict: dict, version: int) -> dict:
    if version == 1:
        # field renamed in version 2
        cfg_dict['primary_source_idx'] = cfg_dict.get('crs_source', 0)
            del cfg_dict['crs_source']
        except KeyError:
    return cfg_dict

[docs]@register_config('multi_raster_source', upgrader=multi_rs_config_upgrader) class MultiRasterSourceConfig(RasterSourceConfig): """Configure a :class:`.MultiRasterSource`.""" raster_sources: conlist( RasterSourceConfig, min_items=1) = Field( ..., description='List of RasterSourceConfig to combine.') primary_source_idx: conint(ge=0) = Field( 0, description= 'Index of the raster source whose CRS, dtype, and other attributes ' 'will override those of the other raster sources. Defaults to 0.') force_same_dtype: bool = Field( False, description='Force all subchips to be of the same dtype as the ' 'primary_source_idx-th subchip.')
[docs] @validator('primary_source_idx') def validate_primary_source_idx(cls, v: int, values: dict): raster_sources = values.get('raster_sources', []) if not (0 <= v < len(raster_sources)): raise IndexError('primary_source_idx must be in range ' '[0, len(raster_sources)].') return v
[docs] def build(self, tmp_dir: str, use_transformers: bool = True) -> MultiRasterSource: if use_transformers: raster_transformers = [ for t in self.transformers] else: raster_transformers = [] built_raster_sources = [, use_transformers) for rs in self.raster_sources ] multi_raster_source = MultiRasterSource( raster_sources=built_raster_sources, primary_source_idx=self.primary_source_idx, force_same_dtype=self.force_same_dtype, channel_order=self.channel_order, raster_transformers=raster_transformers, extent=self.extent) return multi_raster_source
[docs] def update(self, pipeline=None, scene=None): for t in self.transformers: t.update(pipeline, scene)