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from typing import TYPE_CHECKING, Optional
from os.path import join

from rastervision.pipeline.config import register_config, Field
from import (RasterTransformerConfig,
from rastervision.core.raster_stats import RasterStats

    from rastervision.core.rv_pipeline import RVPipelineConfig
    from import SceneConfig

def stats_transformer_config_upgrader(cfg_dict: dict, version: int) -> dict:
    if version == 2:
        # field added in version 3
        # since `scene_group` cannot be None, set it to a special value so that
        # `update_root()`, which is called by the predictor, knows to set
        # `stats_uri` to the old location of `stats.json`.
        cfg_dict['scene_group'] = '__N/A__'
    return cfg_dict

[docs]@register_config( 'stats_transformer', upgrader=stats_transformer_config_upgrader) class StatsTransformerConfig(RasterTransformerConfig): """Configure a :class:`.StatsTransformer`.""" stats_uri: Optional[str] = Field( None, description='The URI of the output of the StatsAnalyzer. ' 'If None, and this Config is inside an RVPipeline, ' 'this field will be auto-generated.') scene_group: str = Field( 'train_scenes', description='Name of the group of scenes whose stats to use. Defaults' 'to "train_scenes".')
[docs] def update(self, pipeline: Optional['RVPipelineConfig'] = None, scene: Optional['SceneConfig'] = None) -> None: if pipeline is not None and self.stats_uri is None: self.stats_uri = join(pipeline.analyze_uri, 'stats', self.scene_group, 'stats.json')
[docs] def build(self): stats = RasterStats.load(self.stats_uri) return StatsTransformer(means=stats.means, stds=stats.stds)
[docs] def update_root(self, root_dir: str) -> None: if self.scene_group == '__N/A__': # backward compatibility: use old location of stats.json self.stats_uri = join(root_dir, 'stats.json') else: self.stats_uri = join(root_dir, 'analyze', 'stats', self.scene_group, 'stats.json')