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from typing import TYPE_CHECKING, Dict, Optional

from rastervision.pipeline.config import register_config, Field
from import (
    VectorTransformerConfig, ClassInferenceTransformer)

    from import ClassConfig

[docs]@register_config('class_inference_transformer') class ClassInferenceTransformerConfig(VectorTransformerConfig): """Configure a :class:`.ClassInferenceTransformer`.""" default_class_id: Optional[int] = Field( None, description='The default class_id to use if class cannot be inferred ' 'using other mechanisms. If a feature has an inferred class_id of ' 'None, then it will be deleted.') class_id_to_filter: Optional[Dict[int, list]] = Field( None, description='Map from class_id to JSON filter used to infer missing ' 'class_ids. Each key should be a class id, and its value should be a ' 'boolean expression which is run against the property field for each ' 'feature. This allows matching different features to different ' 'class IDs based on its properties. The expression schema is that ' 'described by ' '')
[docs] def build(self, class_config: Optional['ClassConfig'] = None ) -> ClassInferenceTransformer: return ClassInferenceTransformer( self.default_class_id, class_config=class_config, class_id_to_filter=self.class_id_to_filter)