Source code for rastervision.core.predictor

from typing import TYPE_CHECKING, List, Optional
from os.path import join
import logging

from rastervision.pipeline import rv_config_ as rv_config
from rastervision.pipeline.config import (build_config, upgrade_config)
from rastervision.pipeline.file_system.utils import (download_if_needed,
                                                     file_to_json, unzip)
from import ChannelOrderError
from import (SemanticSegmentationLabelStoreConfig,
from rastervision.core.analyzer import StatsAnalyzerConfig

    from rastervision.core.rv_pipeline import RVPipelineConfig
    from import SceneConfig

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]class Predictor(): """Class for making predictions based off of a model bundle."""
[docs] def __init__(self, model_bundle_uri: str, tmp_dir: str, update_stats: bool = False, channel_order: Optional[List[int]] = None, scene_group: Optional[str] = None): """Creates a new Predictor. Args: model_bundle_uri: URI of the model bundle to use. Can be any type of URI that Raster Vision can read. tmp_dir: Temporary directory in which to store files that are used by the Predictor. This directory is not cleaned up by this class. channel_order: Option for a new channel order to use for the imagery being predicted against. If not present, the channel_order from the original configuration in the predict package will be used. """ self.tmp_dir = tmp_dir self.update_stats = update_stats self.model_loaded = False bundle_path = download_if_needed(model_bundle_uri) bundle_dir = join(tmp_dir, 'bundle') unzip(bundle_path, bundle_dir) config_path = join(bundle_dir, 'pipeline-config.json') config_dict = file_to_json(config_path) rv_config.set_everett_config( config_overrides=config_dict.get('rv_config')) config_dict = upgrade_config(config_dict) self.config: 'RVPipelineConfig' = build_config(config_dict) self.scene: 'SceneConfig' = self.config.dataset.validation_scenes[0] if not hasattr(self.scene.raster_source, 'uris'): raise Exception( 'raster_source in model bundle must have uris as field') if not hasattr(self.scene.label_store, 'uri'): raise Exception( 'label_store in model bundle must have uri as field') for t in self.scene.raster_source.transformers: if isinstance(t, StatsTransformerConfig): if scene_group is not None: t.scene_group = scene_group else: log.warn(f'Using stats for scene group "{t.scene_group}". ' 'To use a different scene group, specify ' '--scene-group <scene-group-name>.') t.update_root(bundle_dir) if self.update_stats: stats_analyzer = StatsAnalyzerConfig( output_uri=join(bundle_dir, 'stats.json')) self.config.analyzers = [stats_analyzer] self.scene.label_source = None self.scene.aoi_uris = None self.config.dataset.train_scenes = [self.scene] self.config.dataset.validation_scenes = [self.scene] self.config.dataset.test_scenes = [] self.config.train_uri = bundle_dir if channel_order is not None: self.scene.raster_source.channel_order = channel_order self.pipeline = None
[docs] def predict(self, image_uris: List[str], label_uri: str) -> None: """Generate predictions for the given image. Args: image_uris: URIs of the images to make predictions against. This can be any type of URI readable by Raster Vision FileSystems. label_uri: URI to save labels off into """ if self.pipeline is None: self.scene.raster_source.uris = image_uris self.pipeline = if not hasattr(self.pipeline, 'predict'): raise Exception( 'pipeline in model bundle must have predict method') self.scene.raster_source.uris = image_uris self.scene.label_store.uri = label_uri if isinstance(self.scene.label_store, SemanticSegmentationLabelStoreConfig): # create vector outputs for each class without specifying URIs self.scene.label_store.vector_output = [ PolygonVectorOutputConfig(class_id=i) for i, _ in enumerate(self.config.dataset.class_config.names) ] # set URIs self.scene.label_store.uri = label_uri for vo in self.scene.label_store.vector_output: vo.update(self.config, self.scene, uri_prefix=label_uri) try: if self.update_stats: self.pipeline.analyze() self.pipeline.predict() except ChannelOrderError: raise ValueError( 'The predict package is using a channel_order ' 'with channels unavailable in the imagery.\nTo set a new ' 'channel_order that only uses channels available in the ' 'imagery, use the --channel-order option.')