Source code for rastervision.pipeline.runner.runner

from abc import abstractmethod
from typing import Optional, List

from rastervision.pipeline.pipeline import Pipeline

[docs]class Runner(): """A method for running a Pipeline. This can be subclassed to provide the ability to run on different cloud providers, etc. """
[docs] @abstractmethod def run(self, cfg_json_uri: str, pipeline: Pipeline, commands: List[str], num_splits: int = 1, pipeline_run_name: str = 'raster-vision'): """Run commands in a Pipeline using a serialized PipelineConfig. Args: cfg_json_uri: URI of a JSON file with a serialized PipelineConfig pipeline: the Pipeline to run commands: names of commands to run num_splits: number of splits to use for splittable commands """ pass
[docs] def get_split_ind(self) -> Optional[int]: """Get the split_ind for the process. For split commands, the split_ind determines which split of work to perform within the current OS process. The CLI has a --split-ind option, but some runners may have their own means of communicating the split_ind, and this method should be overridden in such cases. If this method returns None, then the --split-ind option will be used. If both are null, then it won't be possible to run the command. """ return None