read_stac(uri: str, extract_dir: Optional[str] = None, **kwargs) List[dict][source]#

Parse the contents of a STAC catalog (downloading it first, if remote). If the uri is a zip file, unzip it, find catalog.json inside it and parse that.

  • uri (str) – Either a URI to a STAC catalog JSON file or a URI to a zip file containing a STAC catalog JSON file.

  • extract_dir (Optional[str]) –

  • FileNotFoundError – If catalog.json is not found inside the zip file.

  • Exception – If multiple catalog.json’s are found inside the zip file.


A lsit of dicts with keys: “label_uri”, “image_uris”,

”label_bbox”, “image_bbox”, “bboxes_intersect”, and “aoi_geometry”. Each dict corresponds to one label item and its associated image assets in the STAC catalog.

Return type