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from typing import TYPE_CHECKING, Optional

from import (RasterizedSource)
from import (VectorSourceConfig)
from import (
    ClassInferenceTransformerConfig, BufferTransformerConfig)
from rastervision.pipeline.config import (register_config, Config, Field,

    from import Box
    from import ClassConfig, CRSTransformer

[docs]@register_config('rasterizer') class RasterizerConfig(Config): """Configure rasterization params for a :class:`.RasterizedSource`.""" background_class_id: int = Field( ..., description='The class_id to use for any background pixels, i.e. ' 'pixels not covered by a polygon.') all_touched: bool = Field( False, description='If True, all pixels touched by geometries will be burned ' 'in. If false, only pixels whose center is within the polygon or that ' 'are selected by Bresenham\'s line algorithm will be burned in. ' '(See rasterio.features.rasterize for more details).')
[docs]@register_config('rasterized_source') class RasterizedSourceConfig(Config): """Configure a :class:`.RasterizedSource`.""" vector_source: VectorSourceConfig rasterizer_config: RasterizerConfig
[docs] @validator('vector_source') def ensure_required_transformers( cls, v: VectorSourceConfig) -> VectorSourceConfig: """Add class-inference and buffer transformers if absent.""" tfs = v.transformers # add class inference transformer has_inf_tf = any( isinstance(tf, ClassInferenceTransformerConfig) for tf in tfs) if not has_inf_tf: tfs += [ClassInferenceTransformerConfig(default_class_id=None)] # add buffer transformers has_buf_tf = any(isinstance(tf, BufferTransformerConfig) for tf in tfs) if not has_buf_tf: tfs += [ BufferTransformerConfig(geom_type='Point', default_buf=1), BufferTransformerConfig(geom_type='LineString', default_buf=1) ] return v
[docs] def update(self, pipeline=None, scene=None): super().update(pipeline, scene) self.vector_source.update(pipeline, scene)
[docs] def build(self, class_config: 'ClassConfig', crs_transformer: 'CRSTransformer', bbox: Optional['Box'] = None) -> RasterizedSource: vector_source =, crs_transformer) return RasterizedSource( vector_source=vector_source, background_class_id=self.rasterizer_config.background_class_id, bbox=bbox, all_touched=self.rasterizer_config.all_touched)