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from typing import TYPE_CHECKING, Dict, Optional

from import buffer_geoms
from import VectorTransformer

    from import CRSTransformer

[docs]class BufferTransformer(VectorTransformer): """Buffers geometries."""
[docs] def __init__(self, geom_type: str, class_bufs: Optional[Dict[int, Optional[float]]] = None, default_buf: Optional[float] = None): """Constructor. Args: geom_type (str): The geometry type to apply this transform to. E.g. "LineString", "Point", "Polygon". class_bufs (Dict[int, Optional[float]], optional): Mapping from class IDs to buffer amounts (in pixels). If a class ID is not found in the mapping, the value specified by the default_buf field will be used. If the buffer value for a class is None, then no buffering will be applied to the geoms of that class. Defaults to {}. default_buf (Optional[float], optional): Default buffer to apply to classes not in class_bufs. If None, no buffering will be applied to the geoms of those missing classes. Defaults to None. """ self.geom_type = geom_type self.class_bufs = class_bufs if class_bufs is not None else {} self.default_buf = default_buf
[docs] def transform(self, geojson: dict, crs_transformer: Optional['CRSTransformer'] = None) -> dict: return buffer_geoms( geojson, self.geom_type, class_bufs=self.class_bufs, default_buf=self.default_buf)