Bounding Box List operations for Numpy BoxLists.



Enum class for sort order.



Computes area of boxes.

change_coordinate_frame(boxlist, window)

Change coordinate frame of the boxlist to be relative to window's frame.

clip_to_window(boxlist, window)

Clip bounding boxes to a window.

concatenate(boxlists[, fields])

Concatenate list of BoxLists.

filter_scores_greater_than(boxlist, thresh)

Filter to keep only boxes with score exceeding a given threshold.

gather(boxlist, indices[, fields])

Gather boxes from BoxList according to indices and return new BoxList.

intersection(boxlist1, boxlist2)

Compute pairwise intersection areas between boxes.

ioa(boxlist1, boxlist2)

Computes pairwise intersection-over-area between box collections.

iou(boxlist1, boxlist2)

Computes pairwise intersection-over-union between box collections.

multi_class_non_max_suppression(boxlist, ...)

Multi-class version of non maximum suppression.

non_max_suppression(boxlist[, ...])

Non maximum suppression.

prune_non_overlapping_boxes(boxlist1, boxlist2)

Prunes boxes with insufficient overlap b/w boxlists.

prune_outside_window(boxlist, window)

Prunes bounding boxes that fall outside a given window.

scale(boxlist, y_scale, x_scale)

Scale box coordinates in x and y dimensions.

sort_by_field(boxlist, field[, order])

Sort boxes and associated fields according to a scalar field.