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from typing import TYPE_CHECKING, Dict, List, Optional
from import RasterTransformer

    import numpy as np

[docs]class ReclassTransformer(RasterTransformer): """Maps class IDs in a label raster to other values."""
[docs] def __init__(self, mapping: Dict[int, int]): """Construct a new ReclassTransformer. Args: mapping: (dict) Remapping dictionary """ self.mapping = mapping
[docs] def transform(self, chip: 'np.ndarray', channel_order: Optional[List[int]] = None): """Transform a chip. Reclassify a label raster using the given mapping. Args: chip: ndarray of shape [height, width, channels] This is assumed to already have the channel_order applied to it if channel_order is set. In other words, channels should be equal to len(channel_order). channel_order: list of indices of channels that were extracted from the raw imagery. Returns: [height, width, channels] numpy array """ masks = [] for (value_from, value_to) in self.mapping.items(): mask = (chip == value_from) masks.append((mask, value_to)) for (mask, value_to) in masks: chip[mask] = value_to return chip