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from typing import TYPE_CHECKING, List, Optional, Union
import logging

from rastervision.pipeline.file_system import download_if_needed, file_to_json
from import Box
from import VectorSource
from import listify_uris, merge_geojsons

    from import CRSTransformer, VectorTransformer

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]class GeoJSONVectorSource(VectorSource): """A :class:`.VectorSource` for reading GeoJSON files."""
[docs] def __init__(self, uris: Union[str, List[str]], crs_transformer: 'CRSTransformer', vector_transformers: List['VectorTransformer'] = [], ignore_crs_field: bool = False, bbox: Optional[Box] = None): """Constructor. Args: uris (Union[str, List[str]]): URI(s) of the GeoJSON file(s). crs_transformer: A ``CRSTransformer`` to convert between map and pixel coords. Normally this is obtained from a :class:`.RasterSource`. vector_transformers: ``VectorTransformers`` for transforming geometries. Defaults to ``[]``. ignore_crs_field (bool): Ignore the CRS specified in the file and assume WGS84 (EPSG:4326) coords. Only WGS84 is supported currently. If False, and the file contains a CRS, will throw an exception on read. Defaults to False. bbox (Optional[Box]): User-specified crop of the extent. If None, the full extent available in the source file is used. """ self.uris = listify_uris(uris) self.ignore_crs_field = ignore_crs_field super().__init__( crs_transformer, vector_transformers=vector_transformers, bbox=bbox)
def _get_geojson(self) -> dict: geojsons = [self._get_geojson_single(uri) for uri in self.uris] geojson = merge_geojsons(geojsons) return geojson def _get_geojson_single(self, uri: str) -> dict: # download first so that it gets cached geojson = file_to_json(download_if_needed(uri)) if 'crs' in geojson: if not self.ignore_crs_field: raise NotImplementedError( f'The GeoJSON file at {uri} contains a CRS field which ' 'is not allowed by the current GeoJSON standard or by ' 'Raster Vision. All coordinates are expected to be in ' 'EPSG:4326 CRS. If the file uses EPSG:4326 (ie. lat/lng ' 'on the WGS84 reference ellipsoid) and you would like to ' 'ignore the CRS field, set ignore_crs_field=True.') else: crs = geojson['crs']'Ignoring CRS ({crs}) specified in {uri} ' 'and assuming EPSG:4326 instead.') # Delete the CRS field to avoid discrepancies in case the # geojson is passed to code that *does* respect the CRS field # (e.g. geopandas). del geojson['crs'] # Also delete any "crs" keys in features' properties. for f in geojson.get('features', []): try: del f['properties']['crs'] except KeyError: pass return geojson