prune_non_overlapping_boxes(boxlist1: NpBoxList, boxlist2: NpBoxList, minoverlap: float = 0.0) NpBoxList[source]#

Prunes boxes with insufficient overlap b/w boxlists.

Prunes the boxes in boxlist1 that overlap less than thresh with boxlist2. For each box in boxlist1, we want its IOA to be more than minoverlap with at least one of the boxes in boxlist2. If it does not, we remove it.

  • boxlist1 (BoxList) ā€“ BoxList holding N boxes.

  • boxlist2 (BoxList) ā€“ BoxList holding M boxes.

  • minoverlap (float) ā€“ float: Minimum required overlap between boxes, to count them as overlapping. Defaults to 0.0.


A pruned boxlist with size [Nā€™, 4].

Return type