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from typing import TYPE_CHECKING, Any, Optional, Tuple

    from import Box
    from import (RasterSource, LabelSource, LabelStore)

[docs]class Scene: """The raster data and labels associated with an area of interest."""
[docs] def __init__(self, id: str, raster_source: 'RasterSource', label_source: Optional['LabelSource'] = None, label_store: Optional['LabelStore'] = None, aoi_polygons: Optional[list] = None): """Construct a new Scene. Args: id: ID for this scene raster_source: RasterSource for this scene ground_truth_label_store: optional LabelSource label_store: optional LabelStore aoi: Optional list of AOI polygons in pixel coordinates """ = id self.raster_source = raster_source self.label_source = label_source self.label_store = label_store if aoi_polygons is None: self.aoi_polygons = [] else: self.aoi_polygons = aoi_polygons
@property def extent(self) -> 'Box': """Extent of the associated :class:`.RasterSource`.""" return self.raster_source.extent def __getitem__(self, key: Any) -> Tuple[Any, Any]: x = self.raster_source[key] if self.label_source is not None: y = self.label_source[key] else: y = None return x, y