submit_job(cmd: List[str], job_name: str, debug: bool = False, profile: str = False, attempts: int = 5, parent_job_ids: Optional[List[str]] = None, num_array_jobs: Optional[int] = None, use_gpu: bool = False, job_queue: Optional[str] = None, job_def: Optional[str] = None) str[source]#

Submit a job to run on AWS Batch.

  • cmd (List[str]) – a command to run in the Docker container for the remote job

  • debug (bool) – if True, run the command using a ptvsd wrapper which sets up a remote VS Code Python debugger server

  • profile (str) – if True, run the command using kernprof, a line profiler

  • attempts (int) – the number of times to try running the command which is useful in case of failure.

  • parent_job_ids (Optional[List[str]]) – optional list of parent Batch job ids. The job created by this will only run after the parent jobs complete successfully.

  • num_array_jobs (Optional[int]) – if set, make this a Batch array job with size equal to num_array_jobs

  • use_gpu (bool) – if True, run the job in a GPU-enabled queue

  • job_queue (Optional[str]) – if set, use this job queue

  • job_def (Optional[str]) – if set, use this job definition

  • job_name (str) –

Return type