boxes_to_geojson(boxes: Sequence[Box], class_ids: Sequence[int], crs_transformer: CRSTransformer, class_config: ClassConfig, scores: Optional[Sequence[Union[float, Sequence[float]]]] = None) dict[source]#

Convert boxes and associated data into a GeoJSON dict.

  • boxes (Sequence[Box]) – List of Box in pixel row/col format.

  • class_ids (Sequence[int]) – List of int (one for each box)

  • crs_transformer (CRSTransformer) – CRSTransformer used to convert pixel coords to map coords in the GeoJSON.

  • class_config (ClassConfig) – ClassConfig

  • scores (Optional[Sequence[Union[float, Sequence[float]]]], optional) – Optional list of score or scores. If floats (one for each box), property name will be “score”. If lists of floats, property name will be “scores”. Defaults to None.


Serialized GeoJSON.

Return type