Raster Vision is configured via the everett library, and will look for configuration in the following locations, in this order:

  • Environment Variables

  • A .env file in the working directory that holds environment variables.

  • Raster Vision INI configuration files

By default, Raster Vision looks for a configuration file named default in the ${HOME}/.rastervision folder.


Profiles allow you to specify profile names from the command line or environment variables to determine which settings to use. The configuration file used will be named the same as the profile: if you had two profiles (the default and one named myprofile), your ${HOME}/.rastervision would look like this:

> ls ~/.rastervision
default    myprofile

Use the rastervision --profile option in the Command Line Interface to set the profile.

Configuration-file Sections#


requester_pays = False
  • requester_pays - Set to True if you would like to allow using requester pays S3 buckets. The default value is False.


See Running on AWS SageMaker.

Environment Variables#

Any profile file option can also be stated in the environment. Just prepend the section name to the setting name, e.g. export AWS_S3_REQUESTER_PAYS="False".

In addition to those environment variables that match the INI file values, there are the following environment variable options:

  • TMPDIR - Setting this environment variable will cause all temporary directories to be created inside this folder. This is useful, for example, when you have a Docker container setup that mounts large network storage into a specific directory inside the Docker container. The tmp_dir can also be set on Command Line Interface as a root option.

  • RV_CONFIG - Optional path to the specific Raster Vision Configuration file. These configurations will override configurations that exist in configurations files in the default locations, but will not cause those configurations to be ignored.

  • RV_CONFIG_DIR - Optional path to the directory that contains Raster Vision configuration. Defaults to ${HOME}/.rastervision