build_vrt(vrt_path, image_uris)

Build a VRT for a set of TIFF files.

crop_geotiff(src_uri, window, dst_uri)

Create a new GeoTIFF from a crop of an existing GeoTIFF.

download_and_build_vrt(image_uris, vrt_dir)

Download images (if needed) and build a VRT for a set of TIFF files.


Get channel order from rasterio image dataset.


Check if dataset has any masks defined.

read_window(dataset[, bands, window, ...])

Load a window of an image using Rasterio.

write_bbox(path, arr, bbox, crs_wkt, **kwargs)

Write a (H, W[, C]) array to a GeoTIFF, georeferenced to the given bbox.

write_geotiff_like_geojson(path, arr, ...[, crs])

Write array to GeoTIFF, georeferenced to same bbox as the given GeoJSON.

write_window(dataset, arr[, window])

Write a (H, W[, C]) array out to a rasterio dataset.