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from typing import TYPE_CHECKING, Optional, Sequence, Union

from import geoms_to_geojson

    from import Box
    from import ClassConfig, CRSTransformer

[docs]def boxes_to_geojson( boxes: Sequence['Box'], class_ids: Sequence[int], crs_transformer: 'CRSTransformer', class_config: 'ClassConfig', scores: Optional[Sequence[Union[float, Sequence[float]]]] = None ) -> dict: """Convert boxes and associated data into a GeoJSON dict. Args: boxes (Sequence[Box]): List of Box in pixel row/col format. class_ids (Sequence[int]): List of int (one for each box) crs_transformer (CRSTransformer): CRSTransformer used to convert pixel coords to map coords in the GeoJSON. class_config (ClassConfig): ClassConfig scores (Optional[Sequence[Union[float, Sequence[float]]]], optional): Optional list of score or scores. If floats (one for each box), property name will be "score". If lists of floats, property name will be "scores". Defaults to None. Returns: dict: Serialized GeoJSON. """ if len(boxes) != len(class_ids): raise ValueError(f'len(boxes) ({len(boxes)}) != ' f'len(class_ids) ({len(class_ids)})') if scores is not None and len(boxes) != len(scores): raise ValueError(f'len(boxes) ({len(boxes)}) != ' f'len(scores) ({len(scores)})') geoms = [crs_transformer.pixel_to_map(box.to_shapely()) for box in boxes] properties = [ dict(class_id=id, class_name=class_config.get_name(id)) for id in class_ids ] if scores is not None: for prop, box_score in zip(properties, scores): key = 'score' if isinstance(box_score, float) else 'scores' prop[key] = box_score geojson = geoms_to_geojson(geoms, properties) return geojson