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import numpy as np

from \
    import RasterTransformer

[docs]class NanTransformer(RasterTransformer): """Removes NaN values from float raster."""
[docs] def __init__(self, to_value: float = 0.0): """Construct a new NanTransformer. Args: to_value: (float) NaN values are replaced with this """ self.to_value = to_value
[docs] def transform(self, chip, channel_order=None): """Transform a chip. Removes NaN values. Args: chip: ndarray of shape [height, width, channels] This is assumed to already have the channel_order applied to it if channel_order is set. In other words, channels should be equal to len(channel_order). Returns: [height, width, channels] numpy array """ chip[np.isnan(chip)] = self.to_value return chip