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from typing import List, Optional, Sequence, Tuple, Union

import numpy as np
from PIL import ImageColor

[docs]def color_to_triple( color: Optional[Union[str, Sequence]] = None) -> Tuple[int, int, int]: """Given a PIL ImageColor string, return a triple of integers representing the red, green, and blue values. If color is None, return a random color. Args: color: A PIL ImageColor string Returns: An triple of integers """ if color is None: r, g, b = np.random.randint(0, 256, size=3).tolist() return r, g, b elif isinstance(color, str): return ImageColor.getrgb(color) elif isinstance(color, (tuple, list)): return color else: raise TypeError(f'Unsupported type: {type(color)}')
[docs]def color_to_integer(color: str) -> int: """Given a PIL ImageColor string, return a packed integer. Args: color: A PIL ImageColor string Returns: An integer containing the packed RGB values. """ triple = color_to_triple(color) r = triple[0] * (1 << 16) g = triple[1] * (1 << 8) b = triple[2] * (1 << 0) integer = r + g + b return integer
[docs]def normalize_color( color: Union[str, tuple, list]) -> Tuple[float, float, float]: """Convert color representation to a float 3-tuple with values in [0-1].""" if isinstance(color, str): color = color_to_triple(color) if isinstance(color, (tuple, list)): if all(isinstance(c, int) for c in color): return tuple(c / 255. for c in color) elif all(isinstance(c, float) for c in color): return tuple(color) else: raise ValueError('RGB values must be either all ints (0-255) ' 'or all floats (0.0-1.0)') raise TypeError('Expected color to be a string or tuple or list, ' f'but found {type(color)}.')
[docs]def rgb_to_int_array(rgb_array: np.ndarray) -> np.ndarray: r = np.array(rgb_array[:, :, 0], dtype=np.uint32) * (1 << 16) g = np.array(rgb_array[:, :, 1], dtype=np.uint32) * (1 << 8) b = np.array(rgb_array[:, :, 2], dtype=np.uint32) * (1 << 0) return r + g + b
[docs]def all_equal(it: list): ''' Returns true if all elements are equal to each other ''' return it.count(it[0]) == len(it)
[docs]def listify_uris(uris: Union[str, List[str]]) -> List[str]: """Convert to URI to list if needed.""" if isinstance(uris, (list, tuple)): pass elif isinstance(uris, str): uris = [uris] else: raise TypeError(f'Expected str or List[str], but got {type(uris)}.') return uris