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from typing import (TYPE_CHECKING, Any, Dict, Iterable, List, Optional,
                    Sequence, Tuple)
from dataclasses import dataclass

import numpy as np

from import Box
from import Labels

    from import (ClassConfig, CRSTransformer)
    from shapely.geometry import Polygon

[docs]@dataclass class ClassificationLabel: class_id: int scores: Optional[Sequence[float]] = None def __iter__(self): return iter((self.class_id, self.scores))
[docs]class ChipClassificationLabels(Labels): """Represents a spatial grid of cells associated with classes."""
[docs] def __init__(self, cell_to_label: Optional[Dict[Box, Tuple[int, Optional[ Sequence[float]]]]] = None): if cell_to_label is None: cell_to_label = {} self.cell_to_label = { c: ClassificationLabel(*v) for c, v in cell_to_label.items() }
def __len__(self) -> int: return len(self.cell_to_label) def __eq__(self, other: 'ChipClassificationLabels') -> bool: return (isinstance(other, ChipClassificationLabels) and self.cell_to_label == other.cell_to_label)
[docs] def __add__(self, other: 'ChipClassificationLabels' ) -> 'ChipClassificationLabels': result = ChipClassificationLabels() result.extend(self) result.extend(other) return result
[docs] def __contains__(self, cell: Box) -> bool: return cell in self.cell_to_label
[docs] def __getitem__(self, cell: Box) -> ClassificationLabel: return self.cell_to_label[cell]
[docs] def __setitem__(self, window: Box, value: Tuple[int, Optional[Sequence[float]]]): class_id, scores = value self.set_cell(window, class_id, scores=scores)
[docs] @classmethod def from_predictions(cls, windows: Iterable['Box'], predictions: Iterable[Any]) -> 'Labels': """Overrid to convert predictions to (class_id, scores) pairs.""" predictions = ((np.argmax(p), p) for p in predictions) return super().from_predictions(windows, predictions)
[docs] @classmethod def make_empty(cls) -> 'ChipClassificationLabels': return ChipClassificationLabels()
[docs] def filter_by_aoi(self, aoi_polygons: Iterable['Polygon']): result = ChipClassificationLabels() for cell in self.cell_to_label: cell_box = Box(*cell) cell_poly = cell_box.to_shapely() for aoi in aoi_polygons: if cell_poly.within(aoi): (class_id, scores) = self.cell_to_label[cell] result.set_cell(cell_box, class_id, scores) return result
[docs] def set_cell(self, cell: Box, class_id: int, scores: Optional['np.ndarray'] = None) -> None: """Set cell and its class_id. Args: cell: (Box) class_id: int scores: 1d numpy array of probabilities for each class """ if scores is not None: scores = list(map(lambda x: float(x), list(scores))) class_id = int(class_id) self.cell_to_label[cell] = ClassificationLabel(class_id, scores)
[docs] def get_cell_class_id(self, cell: Box) -> int: """Return class_id for a cell. Args: cell: (Box) """ result = self.cell_to_label.get(cell) if result is not None: return result.class_id else: return None
[docs] def get_cell_scores(self, cell: Box) -> Optional[Sequence[float]]: """Return scores for a cell. Args: cell: (Box) """ result = self.cell_to_label.get(cell) if result is not None: return result.scores else: return None
[docs] def get_singleton_labels(self, cell: Box): """Return Labels object representing a single cell. Args: cell: (Box) """ return ChipClassificationLabels({cell: self[cell]})
[docs] def get_cells(self) -> List[Box]: """Return list of all cells (list of Box).""" return list(self.cell_to_label.keys())
[docs] def get_class_ids(self) -> List[int]: """Return list of class_ids for all cells.""" return [label.class_id for label in self.cell_to_label.values()]
[docs] def get_scores(self) -> List[Optional[Sequence[float]]]: """Return list of scores for all cells.""" return [label.scores for label in self.cell_to_label.values()]
[docs] def get_values(self) -> List[ClassificationLabel]: """Return list of class_ids and scores for all cells.""" return list(self.cell_to_label.values())
[docs] def extend(self, labels: 'ChipClassificationLabels') -> None: """Adds cells contained in labels. Args: labels: ChipClassificationLabels """ for cell in labels.get_cells(): self.set_cell(cell, *labels[cell])
[docs] def save(self, uri: str, class_config: 'ClassConfig', crs_transformer: 'CRSTransformer', bbox: Optional[Box] = None) -> None: """Save labels as a GeoJSON file. Args: uri (str): URI of the output file. class_config (ClassConfig): ClassConfig to map class IDs to names. crs_transformer (CRSTransformer): CRSTransformer to convert from pixel-coords to map-coords before saving. bbox (Optional[Box]): User-specified crop of the extent. Must be provided if the corresponding RasterSource has bbox != extent. """ from import ChipClassificationGeoJSONStore label_store = ChipClassificationGeoJSONStore( uri=uri, class_config=class_config, crs_transformer=crs_transformer, bbox=bbox)